BIG-BAG bags


The Big-Bag  is designed for transporting and storing mineral mixtures for underground construction.

The bag is made of anti-static material and can be used in potentially explosive atmosphere. This feature is confirmed by certificates, testimonials and test results.
Big-Bag is equipped with slings used for lifting a filled bag during loading, unloading and reloading.

At the top of the bag there is a 30 x 20 cm inlet opening for loading. It is equipped with a hole (funnel) to facilitate filling. In the bottom of the bag there is a hole similar to the upper one used to empty it from the contents. Both openings are closed with straps protecting tthe bag uncontrolled opening.

Technical parameters:

material  antistatic material PCV (PVC)
number of slings 4
silngs lenght 33 cm
dimensions *** cm x *** cm x *** cm *
sample dimensions 55 cm x 70 cm x 100 cm
loading 500-750 kg
capacity *** m3*

* - depends on customer's order



BIG-BAG bags BIG-BAG bags BIG-BAG bags