HYDRO-ELEKTRA was set up in February 2008 and deals in:

  • water and oil-in-water emulsion hydraulics (plunger pumps, hydraulic filters, hydraulic filters - dispensers, valves and fittings),
  • electrical engineering and electronics for Ex zones (mainly/principally for mining industry),
  • project and technical consulting and modernization of equipment for Ex zones,
  • obtaining required technical opinions, authorizations and inspection certificates of UE/EC-type (CE mark if required),
  • deliveries of pumps and stations for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic tests (e.g. hydrodynamic fatigue of hydraulic cylinders),
  • production and support for reverse filters and filters joinable for water and emulsions,
  • production and support of machines for widely meant underground construction business,
  • support of connection subsystems and monitoring and control subsystem,
  • project and technical advisory for mechanical upgrades.

We are undertaking activities in terms of marketing, sales and post-sale service of URACA GmbH Bad Urach Germany products.

The establishment of our company had been the response for the needs of the market and the industry, which challenges the manufacturers and designers of machines and devices. We have realised there is a need of offering the alternatives and the diversification in relation to existing technical solutions of companies dominating so far in the segment of plunger pumps for supply of spraying system and cooling of mining extraction machines; in supply of hydraulic systems for roof supports, test stations for water and emulsion hydraulics; as well as in filtration of water, emulsions and other hydraulic substances.

The direct cooperation of high-pressure pumps supplier with the manufacturer of fittings for water and emulsion hydraulics allows to offer our customers the comprehensive solutions, made-to-order, acc. to individual needs and of the highest standards, at reasonable prices. This makes us competitive.

Hydro Elektra is  a supplier of electrical solutions ie.  power-control / switching boxes, dedicated to their own and also customer's  devices.

The whole range of devices produced by us are the fruit of our technical know-how and experience gained during sorting out of numerous complex and non-standard problems in many application domains. From the very beginning of our activity, we count on the progress and development, extending our offer.

We strongly believe that we will be your reliable partner, which will lead to benefits and satisfaction for both parties.

Please also find our other web-pages:

www. - web serwice about servicing and reparing high-pressure pumps, especially made by URACA GmbH & Co. -web page about high-pressure pumps for hydrostatic and hydrodynamic test up to 2000bar

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