High Pressure Washing Units

High Pressure Washing Unit type WAW-E-500/38 with Electric Drive


The unit is designed to supply cold water under high pressure to various types of water systems. The unit is a universal tool which use is limited only the imagination of the user.

WAW-E-500/38 is intended for long-term, heavy work with the supply installations requiring water source with pressure up to 500 bar,  such as the  work stations and cleaning systems for removing various kinds of stubborn stains.

Construction of the unit is based on hot-dip galvanized solid frame made from closed steel profiles with plunger pump with an electric motor, power-control box, filtration system and necessary sensors.  The unit with all the components fitted on the machine has a declaration of compliance according several European Directives.

The integration of suction line filtration system with a pressure reducer provides  suitable medium pressure suction and water quality regardless of the pressure on the network. Application of highcapacity filter based on reusable screen disk  gives much longer periods of operation of the machine between subsequent cleanings contribution and gives the user lower maintenance costs.

These types of units or pump units can be produced by Hydro Elektra with various parameters of hydraulic installed capacities of different engines and different types of drive (electric motor. or diesel). There is also the possibility to equip the unit with a variety of cleaning accessories, such as high-pressure gun or special nozzles to clean the tanks, manifolds, etc. This type of machine is a good base to build any cleaning installation based on demanding and durable device.

The advantage of the machine is also extremely easy operation based on a clear and simple control panel, with necessary control and signaling elements  placed on it.  A change in pressure of the machine is done only by changing the setting of the overflow valve.

Technical data:

Name High Pressure Washing Unit with Electric Drive
Type WAW-E-500/38
Working pressure up to 500 bar (50 MPa)
Output up to 38 dm3/min
Drive elektric
Drive speed 1000 rpm
Power voltage 400 VAC
Nominal current 68 A
Power 37kW
Ambient temperature range +4 ÷ +40 °C
A-weighted noise level 110 dBA




High Pressure Washing Unit type WAW-E-500/38 with Electric Drive