Machinery Leasing

Hydro-Elektra offers  machinery and equipment leasing, eg.:

• pump units for mining machine spraying systems  (shearers, roadheaders and longwall systems with filter systems and switches )
• oil hydraulic power supplies for underground machines, small-scale mechanical equipment and also for  root boltings,  injection pumps and mechanical lining,
• other types of  machines for underground construction,

We can recommend the following devices:

• Pumping & Mixing Unit ZPM-H-01 - up to 2 weeks
• Mixing-Shotcreting Unit ZMT-H-01 - up to 2 weeks
• Hydraulic Mining Power Supply ZHG-02 - up to 3-4 weeks
• Hydraulic Mining Power Supply ZHG-03 - up to 1-2 weeks
• Water Pumping System ZPW KD 708 and KD 716 with electric drive - up to 3-4 weeks
• Water Pumping System ZPW P3-08 and P3-10 hydraulic  or pneumatic drvive - up to 2 weeks.
• Water Pumping System ZPW P3-08 and P3-10 with  electric drive - up to 4 weeks

The Offer

Our company can offer consulting service based on selection of equipment we can provide. We can help to choose the right  equipment for specific applications . We also organize trainings for machine users either in our office or at the customer.

Benefits for the customer:

No cost of buying and selling - leasing is much cheaper than the cost of buying the device. In particular, it is the ideal solution during difficult period of economic change in the industry. It also avoids the problems associated with the subsequent sale of equipment and the costs of any ads or auctions.
Exploiting the potential - a wide range of offered devices enables the rational selection of equipment suitable for specific tasks. Leasing equipment that is currently needed  save your money which can be used for other purposes.
Reducing costs of fixed assets - leasing eliminates storage costs.
Ease of obtaining the right equipment - thanks to a wide range of specialized equipment, we are able to deliver it in a predetermined period *
Technical consulting - we provide professional staff and technical care, which reduces potential downtime and also reduces the need of keeping the spare parts and  customer's own service.

* See deadlines for each device.



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